S.C. HERCULES S.A. is a firm with interely privat capital which develop it’s activity in Braila harbour, as port services operator, loadinng/discharging in/from both maritime and river ships, storeing general cargoes on platforms and warehouses of it’s own.

Located on km. 171, Braila Harbour has a basin with the length of 550m and width of 145m. On the length of 550m, the quay is vertical.

The harbour also have:

  • 9 maritime berths;
  • 29 river berths;
  • 16 waiting berths, a.s.o..
  • Braila Harbour has quay cranes of 5 tf and 16 tf, 2 bridge cranes, floating cranes, storage platforms, for goods on a surface of 246 000 m2, a grain silo of 6800 tons and floating cranes. Railways, roads, electricity, fresh water and fire-fighting water networks are available in Braila Harbour.
  • the minimum level insured in Braila Harbour os 23 feets (7 010 m) and at higher levels of the Danube, vessels up to 10,000 dwt have acces (the minimum level depends on the Danube level)
  • S.C. HERCULES S.A., in it’s quality own transport capacities (schleps, barges cover and open), pushers and tugs from 600 HP up to 2700 HP.


BRAILA HARBOUR  was documentary attested for the first time in the year 1368, as old scaffolding towards which various goods from the 3 Romanian countries were directed both on land and on water.
After the freeing of Braila from the Turkish occupation, further to the clauses within the Peace Treaty from Adrianopol in 1829, the Activity in Braila Harbour was subject to a lot of transformations and developments.

In 1891, the Docs of Braila Harbour and the warehouses (designed by Anghel Saligny) started to operate.
On the eve of the 2nd world war, the facilities of the harbour were limited to 5 electrical quay cranes, one power plant, 3 tugboats and 4 fork lifts, the work itself beeing done manually.
According to the statistic of the Local Chamberof Labour, by the end of 1937, Braila harbour had 2850 workers.

Cereals had an important share within the structure of the Braila traffic.
The 2nd world war had ill-fated consequences on the harbour.
Beginning with 1948, the harbour activity was improved by increasing the number of vessels operating in the harbour and diversifying the traffic of goods:
cereals, phosphates, ores, colas, cement, chemical fertilizers, rolled products, aluminium, quarry products, a.s.o..
Important investments were made in the coming years in the harbour:
– warehouses, platforms, vertical quays, various facilities.
Consequently, the traffic increased from 428,000 tons in 1950 to 2,360,000 tons in 1987.

Present situation

S.C. HERCULES S.A. is the main port operator from Braila with a cotation on local market of 100% in ferrous metallurgy operations and 55% in grain domain, having traditional commercial connections with wellknown Romanian firms as:MITTAL STEEL SA Galati, MITALL STEEL SA Iasi, ROMTRANS SA, ALFRED TOEPFER  INT. Romania, NORTH STAR SHIPPING, CARPAT AGREGATE SA, a.s.o.. Concurrently it have been watched that the river fleet to arrive with a benefit from this activity but on the other side to be able to insure a suplimentary flow of cargo for port operations.

Our firm is present on the services market having placed our floating cranes in others locations as:

Agigea port (loading/discharging cereals) and Danube ports, Oltenita and Calarasi.

So, if at time of becoming private property (December 1998) our firm was having only 4 ships (2 pushers of 600 HP and 2 floating cranes) at this moment the number increase up to 51 units.

Main activities incoming generators of SC HERCULES SA Braila are as is follows:

  • port operation (cargo handling, storeing, a.s.o.) made through our 2 profit centres “Braila Port” placed on an area of about 25 ha. and “Gura Arman” (placed on Macin branch km.32) having a surface of 1.2 ha;
  • river transport both intern and international all along Danube.

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